#Bahrain / #Target #Civilians One was Shot in the eye #Horrifying #Video


البحرين/استهداف مواطن بطلقة مسيل دموع في عينه

البحرين سترة/ 18 فبراير 2012 : هؤلاء هم أخوان وزير الداخلية عديمي الشرف و الإنسانية القتلة المجرمين . هكذا يستهدفون المواطن بأي حق يستهدف بهذه الطريقة البشعة..هل كان يحمل سلاح ناري أو RPG 7 ليستهدف مباشرة .

تنويه هام :
لجميع وكالات الأنباء العالمية الحق بالتصرف في نقل الفيديو من المصدر .

كما لا يحق لبعض قنوات اليوتيوب ولا يجوز شرعاً سرقة جهود الآخرين و قطع اسم مصدر الفيديو المراد تنزيله لذلك على البعض أحترام حقوق القناة

Bahrain jacket / February 18, 2012: These are the brothers and the Minister of the Interior stateless persons of honor and humanity killers criminals. Thus, targeting the right of any citizen targeted in this way was ugly .. Do you carry a firearm or RPG 7 to target directly.

Important disclaimer:
For all international news agencies the right to act in the transfer of video from the source.

It also is not entitled to some YouTube channels may not be legally steal the efforts of others and cut off the source name for the video to be downloaded on the other channel respect for human


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Violence is everybody's business! Follow me on Twitter @TurtleWoman777 Master of Psychology - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, California MBA Executive - Colorado Technical University Bachelor of Science - Eastern Kentucky University Teaching Certification - University of Phoenix currently working on PhD in Psychology, dissertation on "Altruistic Personality Development as Opposed to the Bystander Effect" Have about a year to go, but took a break because takes hours a day doing research and #FreeSyria needs extra support. I can't focus on school until Syria is Free, then I will go back and finish up PhD. I will finish it, but Human lives are more important, I really do have enough education. :)
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