Lower oil prices may hinder Russia’s growth – September 14, 2011

Lower oil prices may hinder Russia's growth – September 14, 2011

clipped from article:

Gross domestic product (GDP) may shrink as much as 1.4 per cent next year under a negative scenario that projects a ‘world recession’ cutting the average price of Urals crude by almost a half from the current level, according to the report, submitted to the government for approval last week. The price has averaged US$109.36 this year and traded at US$114.63 on Monday.

A reliance on raw materials, which President Dmitry Medvedev called ‘humiliating’ and ‘primitive’, has left the economy vulnerable to dropping global demand for its commodity exports.

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1 Response to Lower oil prices may hinder Russia’s growth – September 14, 2011

  1. Wendy Wyatt says:

    Russia Oil Prices Falling and Demand for Exports are Declining, totally sucks for Russia

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