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TurtleWoman (TurtleWoman777) on Twitter

@TurtleWoman777 USA

Retweeting “really” does help, and it can become stressful. If you find yourself getting stressed out because of the crimes of Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad, I recommend taking a short break, (or long break if needed)say a prayer, write a letter to World Leaders without editing! …pet your dog or cat, talk to friends and family, do dictator defacement art, take a nap and eat, or fast. And what I do is use my anger to fuel my persistence and determination to see child killers fall! (Not sure if this is recommended for everyone, as I do all the above, and still feel that dictators world wide are infringing on “MY FREEDOM” as well, my freedom to PEACE! Because when I watch crimes against humanity it really pisses me off! Especially when children are victims of torture rape and murder! In fact, there is absolutely nothing in the world that pisses me off more than that! And as long as I have breath in me in will use to protest this outrageous evil violence! It is the furthest thing away from Godly that could possibly exist, in fact these crimes against humanity are making Earth a Living Hell for all of us who love God / Allah, and I pray at least four times a day for Divine Intervention on every level! Including the Army of Angels that are encamped about Freedom Fighters everywhere giving them infinite strength and determination. The world stands with you, is watching, praying and spreading the word. We the People are One Race, The Human Race … and I am my brother’s keeper! ” Ameen! ”

… anyway, didn’t mean to write all that. Whatever, freedom of expression I guess. 🙂

About psy4mba

Violence is everybody's business! Follow me on Twitter @TurtleWoman777 Master of Psychology - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, California MBA Executive - Colorado Technical University Bachelor of Science - Eastern Kentucky University Teaching Certification - University of Phoenix currently working on PhD in Psychology, dissertation on "Altruistic Personality Development as Opposed to the Bystander Effect" Have about a year to go, but took a break because takes hours a day doing research and #FreeSyria needs extra support. I can't focus on school until Syria is Free, then I will go back and finish up PhD. I will finish it, but Human lives are more important, I really do have enough education. :)
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