>ATTENTION PEOPLE OF #SYRIA – Let the world know! Here is how! #telecomix #emcom #rev11info #killswitch – Interzone Uprizings

>ATTENTION PEOPLE OF #SYRIA – Let the world know! Here is how! #telecomix #emcom #rev11info #killswitch – Interzone Uprizings

00492317299993, User=telecomix,Pass=telecomix
004953160941030, User=telecomix,Pass=telecomix
0031205350535, User=XS4all,Pass=XS4all
00431962962, User=selfnet, Pass=selfnet
0034912910230 no password
0016033715050 no password
004721405060 no password

Dial up access for #Syria: +46850009990 +492317299993 +4953160941030 user:telecomix password:telecomix #syria #killswitch by @telecomix RT’d

@speak2tweet works in #Syria. Call +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +442033184514 to hear tweets or leave a tweet.

@emcomstream works in #Syria Call skype inbox.intercom.gs +97316199341 +12062794895 +883510001348973 to leave a msg and have it tweeted. seems to work for accessing the Google search page. Other features might use different servers at different IPs.

scroogle.org will let most ppl get around blocks on google. Try it if you need to. ^^


About psy4mba

Violence is everybody's business! Follow me on Twitter @TurtleWoman777 Master of Psychology - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, California MBA Executive - Colorado Technical University Bachelor of Science - Eastern Kentucky University Teaching Certification - University of Phoenix currently working on PhD in Psychology, dissertation on "Altruistic Personality Development as Opposed to the Bystander Effect" Have about a year to go, but took a break because takes hours a day doing research and #FreeSyria needs extra support. I can't focus on school until Syria is Free, then I will go back and finish up PhD. I will finish it, but Human lives are more important, I really do have enough education. :)
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1 Response to >ATTENTION PEOPLE OF #SYRIA – Let the world know! Here is how! #telecomix #emcom #rev11info #killswitch – Interzone Uprizings

  1. abdul says:

    >اخوتي اتبعو هذا الارقاماذا عنكم مشكلة مع النت هدية من وندي ويتحقوق انسان اتصال مباشر معها على توتير

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